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Baron Gollaan Lothlorian

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Class:  Wizard

Race:  High Elf

Birthdate:  August 30, 2001

Level:  56

Tradeskills:  Master Blacksmith, Tailor, Master Baker, 

Alter Egos:  Rhunr (Level 51 Wood Elf Ranger)
                        Tradeskill:  Master Fletcher, Master Tailor
                   Numdar Isup (Level 37 High Elf Cleric)
                   Kikarrn (Level 51 Iksar Shaman)
                   Veteran Rluil (Level 63 Half Elf Rogue)
                        Treadskill:  Master Potter, Master Lockpick
                    Zumel (Level 20 Ogre Shadowknight)