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Brother Gaereth

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Class:  Monk

Race:  Human

Birthdate:  March 1, 2000

Level:  65

Tradeskills:  Fisherman, Potter, Smith, Tailor

Alter Egos:  Keuven  (Level 17 Half Elf Ranger)
                          Tradeskill:  Master Fletcher
                    Drakyre (Level 13 Dwarven Rogue) *
                    Lyyn (Level 11 Human Cleric)
                    Gaeren (Level 2 Wood Elf Druid)
                    Larlain (Level 3 Human Warrior)
                    Zebulun (Level 29 Barbarian Beastlord)
                    Grarith (Level 23 Vah Shir Warrior)