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Elusive Ideals

       There are as many styles of play in the land of Norrath as there are places to explore.  From the "Power Gamer" that spends almost every waking minute online, to the casual player who simply has a few hours a week to wander the lands.  From the soloist who takes extreme pride in going it alone,  to the person that enjoys the camaraderie of a group.  While everyone may have an opinion as to which way is best, the truth is that the best way is which ever way makes this game fun for you.

            Elusive Path was founded with just a few simple concepts in mind.  Fun, Friendship and Respect for those around you.  Many of you reading this may be saying to yourself,  "Yeah…but what does that really mean in practice?”  We will try to answer that question as simply as we can by laying out the basic views we have on many of the situations you will encounter within a guild.

  • Grouping – While we certainly want and encourage guild members to group with other guild members, we do understand that some people like to solo and explore.  Sometimes you may even like to make new and interesting friends out in the wild world of Norrath.  We look at it this way;   We have created a fun and friendly place for you to come to every day, not a box that you must play within.

  • Equipment/Trade Skills –Some guilds have a bank,  a place where they stockpile weapons and armor to be given out to whomever needs it more or makes the most noise.  They also may have designated Guild Jewelers or Tailors or other craftsmen that make items for members almost full time with little or no compensation.  This sounds a little too much like a military organization for us.  The equipment on your body and the skill in your hands are just that…yours.  We certainly do encourage people to trade,  sell or even hand down things within the guild but we want you to know that the choice is yours.  We also like to encourage people to give that trade skill a shot or go out and kill that monster that holds the next thing on your wish list.  Many people find a trade skill or questing for a new item quite fun,  while others feel it the next worst thing to a root canal.  This is your decision and whichever way you choose we will be there to congratulate you on your skill increase or newest acquisition.

  •  Level Disparity (Twinking & Power Leveling) – No matter what guild you join you will generally find a large spread of levels within it.  There may be several level 45’s or above together with tons of level 25’s and below.  This is a very healthy collection of people,  but one that can lead to some very bad habits.  A level 30 druid with her port spells is not the guild’s private airline.  A cleric with the ability to resurrect is not the guild’s personal savior.  These people are in game to do the same things everyone else is,  have fun.  If they are constantly being asked to perform these tasks,  when they are already busy,  it becomes very tiresome.  An appropriate way to ask for these services would be “Are there any guild porters available?” or “Is there a guild cleric on and close that has time to rez me?” These questions asked once or twice in guild chat imply respect and consideration of the other party’s time and effort. 

  • We also must touch on the topic of twinking and power leveling in this area.  Again,  we are not trying to tell people how to play their characters for fun,  but to have someone constantly asking you to power level them or to twink them can become annoying very quickly.  If you wish the assistance of a higher level character in such an endeavor please ask them in tells,  and if they say they can or cannot help you please respect their decision.

  • Bad Behavior – We definitely believe in the Golden Rule,  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Engaging in shouting matches in ooc,  auction, or shout over a camp,  a distressing encounter,  or a kill-stealing  incident, for example,  does not put you or the rest of the guild in a good light.  If you can take it to tells, do so.  The guild tag after your name is also after ours,  and if you appear rude,  obnoxious, or are using foul language in a public forum then you are making us all look bad.  Kill stealing, ninja looting, or training other players is an offense that may end with you no longer being associated with this guild. The bottom line is,  be nice, respect other players, and remember that wherever you are you are representing all of us.

  •  Admission Policy – We are an open guild that welcomes any character of any level although we do, however, have a few guidelines for membership.

  1.  An existing guild member must sponsor you.

  2. You must have adventured with your sponsor at least 5 times recently…not when you were both in the newbie area at level 1. (Unless of course both you and your sponsor are level 1)

  3. You must adventure with a guild member that we will choose, other than your sponsor, twice before the guild invite will be sent your way.

         You may have noticed a common theme running through all of the above examples.  It is very simple;  respect your guild members, other players, and have fun playing this game. 

        Our belief it that if you create a friendly and fun environment where a person feels appreciated and respected,  then you have created an environment where people going out of their way to help you is not the exception, it is the norm.  You may get yourself stuck in a revolting predicament and send a message over guild chat and suddenly find that an impromptu and unscheduled raid is being held on your behalf.  People will be laughing, smiling and coming to your aid,  while blatantly ignoring your remarks that you will find a way out somehow, because they know that the next time it may be them.  Extend that helping hand to guildmates and other players when you can and you will find someone else’s hand within reach when you need it.

This is not so much a charter as it is an expression of our views.  This is not so much a rulebook as it is a set of guidelines.  The bottom line is that we all just want to have fun and its so much better to share that fun with family and friends.



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